UCP Investment Group and Rusnano Sistema SICAR Fund are investing 5 mln USD in Geosplit

The company Geosplit, a developer of marker production logging technology for oil and gas industry, Rusnano Sistema SICAR Venture Investment Fund, jointly established by AFK Sistema and Rusnano, and the UCP Investment Group signed an investment agreement for 5 million USD. The leading investor of the round was UCP investment group; the co-investor is the Rusnano Sistema SICAR fund, which earlier, in December 2017, invested the company within Round A.

Round B funds were invested (cash in) in the company to implement the further development strategy, the main directions of which will be expansion into international markets, implementation of field development digitalization projects based on marker monitoring data, as well as further technology platform development and the launch of new products based on quantum markers Geosplit on the market.


Indian Nayara Energy’s Retail Network Expands to over 5,000 Fuel-Filling Stations

Nayara Energy Limited (24% is owned by UCP Investment Group) has expanded its retail network almost by 20% to 5,000 fuel-filling stations over the past year.

Nayara Energy has achieved significant increase in its share in the growing Indian market. For four years the number of filling stations of the company has increased more than 3 times.

Nayara Energy intends to maintain its pace of the retail business development in India. The Company’s short-term plan includes possible expansion of the fuel-filling stations network in India up to 7,000 units.

Due to the steadily growing domestic demand for higher added value products, the availability of the retail market outlet for petroleum products adds to both production and financial performance of the asset. According to the IEA forecast, the Indian motor-vehicles industry will demand 132 mtoe of petroleum products per annum by 2040.


UCP Investment Group and SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management present findings of their joint Business Value Index research

Today, UCP Investment Group and the Moscow School of Management ‘SKOLKOVO’ jointly presented their new ‘Business Value Index’. More than 150 representatives of the investment and business communities as well as representatives of the State Duma committees attended the presentation at the Moscow Exchange where UCP and SKOLKOVO presented their research findings.

Taking part in the discussion was Andrey Sharonov, the Dean of SKOLKOVO; Anatoly Aksakov, of the State Duma Committee on Financial Markets; Alexander Afanasiev, CEO of Moscow Exchange; Alexander Shevchuk, Executive Director of Association of Institutional Investors (API); as well as non-executive directors from many of Russia’s largest companies

UCP Investment Group announces its exit from Stroygazconsulting

Irina Lanina, MD of communications at UCP Investment Group, commented:

"We are satisfied with our investment. Since we first became shareholders of Stroygazconsulting , the company has restored cooperation with its largest customers and improved its financial performance. The most important achievement is that the company has successfully retained its in-house team of professionals who excel at completing advanced infrastructure projects. We are confident that Stroygazconsulting is well positioned for future growth and wish the company every success for the future”.



Ms. Elena Sapozhnikova spoke at the SPIEF’18 session titled “Small and Medium Size Enterprises: Priorities Are Set, How to Achieve Them?”. The following session participants shared their views on the development of entrepreneurship and small businesses: Anatoly Aksakov, Chairman of the Financial Market Committee of the State Duma, Alexander Braverman, General Director - Chairman of the Board of SME Corporation, Markus Jürger, CEO of German Association of Small and Medium Businesses (BVMW), Alexander Kalinin, President of OPORA OF RUSSIA Association, Vittorio Torrembini, Vice President of the Italian Businessmen in Russia Association (GIM Unimpresa) and others.


Mikhail Trofimov: Lessons from the Fed. Why policy of US regulator is not a threat for Russia

Many investors and analysts are concerned with the ongoing unwinding of balance sheet by the Fed. In their view, this could cause a collapse in the global stock markets. The article discusses why these fears are groundless and what are the lessons to be learnt by the Russian authorities from the Fed?

In the fourth quarter of 2017, the US Federal Reserve system started downsizing financial assets on its balance sheet such as US treasuries and mortgage backed securities that were purchased during 2008-2014 quantitative easing (QE) program. According to plans, the US regulator will sell these securities at a much more slow pace than it used to buy them: in the next three years the Fed will get rid of assets with a total worth of $ 2.2 trillion.


Interview: UCP Sets Out Strategy Behind Indian Refinery Buy

The acquisition this year of Essar Oil (EOL), India's second-largest refiner, was the largest M&A deal in India over the last decade. The $12.9 billion purchase was made by Russian oil giant Rosneft and a consortium of Russia's UCP Investment Group and international commodity trader Trafigura. EOL comprises the 400,000 barrel per day Vadinar refinery in Gujarat, the westernmost Indian province, retail fuel outlets and the Vadinar port (NC Oct.19'17). In an interview with Nefte Compass, Elena Sapozhnikova, UCP partner and EOL new board member, explains why the asset is attractive for UCP and what it expects to achieve from the investment?